Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Girl, thoughts so far

I have decided I am going to write little episode reviews of my favourite shows. The first show I want to talk about is New Girls. Since the third season started last month I am going to tell you what I think about what we've seen so far.
The first big change this season is that we finally got to see Nick and Jess together. It was great to see become a couple but we all know that this means that we will also see them split up. This is how television works. All the 'meant to be together character' will get together and break up only to be reunited again at the end. 
There is also another problem when it comes to Nick and Jess. Everything between these two has been so ridiculous, it's hard to relate to them. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy how crazy they both are and how weird their lives are, but some real conversation would be nice. Sometimes it seems like these two are nothing but funny faces and weird noises which will eventually become boring to watch. 
Schmidt has had a hard time so far. After making the mistake of dating both Cece and Elizabeth at the same time, he is now struggling because he lost both of them. He feels guilty, lonely and above all, he gets to watch Nick and Jess be all happy. I kinda feel sorry for him. Most people probably don't agree with me but I think Schmidt needs a new lady in his life. Yes, him and Cece will eventually end up having lots of babies and get married, but for now, he needs someone else. 
Last but not least we have Winston who, I think, deserves a chapter of his own. So far he's been the friends who occasionally gets to do something silly. He's been in the shadow from the beginning and that needs to change. 
All in all, I love the show and I think this season has a lot of potential. However, there's a BUT. It's predictable. We know that the break up is coming and because of it we can't really enjoy Nick and Jess together. 
Hopefully there is a big turn of events coming!!
Let me know what you think about this season and what you hope will happened next.

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