Monday, 23 September 2013

19 facts about life as told by New Girl gifs

Last week we were given a great gift... it was the premiere of New Girl and we were once again reunited with Jess and the guys.

So, as we are happily watching the new season, here are some facts about our lives as told by New Girl gifs.

I hope you enjoy them:

1. When you and your friend decide to go to the gym and you end up talking rather than working out

2. When you try to cheer yourself up

3. When you need something from your friends

4. When you have expensive taste, but not enough money

5. When you go to a club and you realize that most of people there are younger than you

6. When suddenly everyone you know is in a relationship 

 7. When one of your friends asks you if you gained weight

8. When you decide to go on a diet and you feel like there is no happiness left in the world

9. But then you decide to give up and enjoy a nice meal

10. When you can no longer tolerate someone who is being an ass

11. When your friends decide it's time to get drunk

12.  And then your night out gets a little bit out of hand

13. When you know you have done stupid drunk things but you can't remember exactly what they were

14. And then you finally remember

15. When your friends are fighting and it's starting to affect you

16. When you are running out of logical arguments 

17. When you get too emotional at the end of a romantic comedy

18. When you and your friends take over the dance floor 

19. When your realize that you would do pretty much anything for your friends

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