Monday, 7 October 2013

9 facts about life as told by 'The Mindy Project' gifs

Mindy Kaling is probably one of the funniest comedians out there and luckily for us we can enjoy her sharp sense of humor every week as she stars in her own sitcom The Mindy Project.
Mindy is the kind of girl you can definitely identify with. Just like the rest of us she wants to be successful, beautiful, loved and make a difference. 
If you haven't watched the show yet you probably should stop wasting time and have a look at what Mindy is up to.
Enjoy the gifs:

1. When friends ask you to go out with them in the middle of the week

2. When you finally give up and accept the reality

3. No matter how fancy the club, the internet is always better!

4. When you realize what are the important things in life

5. When you tell the hairdresser to trim your hair an inch or two

6. When your favorite song comes on the radio

7. When you are done working out

8. When you try to comfort people that you don't know that well

9. When people make the mistake of talking about your figure

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