Saturday, 12 October 2013

Gossip Girl style inspiration - season one

It has been almost an year since we said goodbye to Gossip Girl, but this doesn't mean we forgot about the show completely.
As far as the plot line went this was one of those programs that had both highs and lows. There where time when I could not wait from one week to another to discover more gossip about Serena, Blair and the rest of their group. But at the same time, there have been moments when episode after episode I was thinking I should abandon this show and, in most cases, its predictable plot line.
All in all I managed to watch Gossip Girl until the end and as I look back on it I do have to admit that it was one entertaining program.
But no matter how good or bad the show was there was one thing we could always count on when it come to Gossip Girl... fashion.
That's right, week after week the cast of the show where wearing one great outfit after the other. More then anything this show managed to crate entire personalities based on style.
So here we have some of their most amazing outfits which, I promise, will make great style inspiration for everyone.
This is based on the first season of the show so make sure you stay tuned for the other posts.
Enjoy the outfits:



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